About Kingside Moves

Our Mission

At Kingside Moves, we separate ourselves from the typical mover by giving excellent customer service, and doing whatever it takes to make it your move!

Meet the Kingside Crew

The Kingside Story

"It was 2008, and after working as a mover for almost a decade, I had come to a realization. When people relocate–whether it's because of a new job, changing cities, or purchasing a new home–they're usually pretty excited about their move. But when it comes to the actual move itself, that excitement dissipates very quickly. Anxiety, stress, and worry suddenly cloud the entire experience. And I wondered why that happens so often; moving is supposed to be an exciting time of beginning a new chapter in your life. It was this realization, and the sudden desire to provide people with the right kind of moving experience, that gave birth to Kingside Moves.

Here at Kingside Moves, not only do we treat each other like a family, but we strongly believe in treating our customers the same way.  We are all trained to work together with the same high-quality level of strategy, work ethic, and customer service. We also belive that just because you decide to hire movers, doesn't necessarily mean you have bundles of cash burning a hole in your pocket. Not only do we pride ourselves in exceptional performance, but also in first-rate customer service, and all at a cost-effective price. Instead of being exhausted and stressed out from your move, our goal is to leave you excited and and energized (and with your savings intact)!

It would be our pleasure to serve  you. Let Kingside Moves make this Your Move!"


- Clem Edwards II, Founder