Our Rates + Services

Our Rates

Our services are priced by the hour, and will depend on how many crew members we'll need for your move, which we will determine during your free estimate. Please note that prices do not include gratuity, which is usually given to each crew member.

We also provide packing services (pricing does not include the price of boxes), and loading and unloading of rental trucks. Give us a call or send us a message for details.

$115 / hour
$130 / hour

How To Keep Your Costs Down

Since we price our services by the hour, the faster we can work, the more money you can save (and the more we can focus on keeping your things safe and damage-free). Here are some helpful guidelines you can follow to keep those dollars in your wallet!


Prepare All Bed Frames
Take them apart, and lean all the parts against the widest wall, not flat on the floor.
Prepare Cribs
Make sure to take them apart ahead of time, and treat them the same as a bed frame.
Organize Your Boxes
Stage all your boxes in one place if possible. Otherwise, make sure they are all labeled consistently on the side (not the top).
Know Your TV
If you don't know whether your TV is LED or Plasma, find out. Plasma TVs cannot be laid flat and must remain standing upright!
Prepare Your Washer and Dryer
Don't use your washing machine within 24 hours of your move, and run it through a final spin cycle to drain any excess water.
Remove all dryer lint from the vent hose.
If you'd like us to install your dryer, make sure the power cable matches the outlet in your new place.
Supervise The Unload
Make sure someone is there who knows where everything goes when we unload. We won't know where you want your stuff, and the more we have to guess the more time it may take.


Don't Put Your Clothes in Bags
Bags are difficult to handle, and don't hold up well during a move, so use wardrobe boxes instead
Don't Use Large Plastic Bins
They don't stack very well (even if the ones that are designed for it), and generally just make things more difficult. For you, that means a longer move, and a higher cost.
Don't Use Just Large Boxes
The larger the box, the less weight it can hold and still stay together, so use different sizes of boxes depending on what you're packing. Here's a few examples of what each size is best suited for:
  • Large: Pillows, lamp shades, etc. (think big and light)
  • Medium: Lamps, small appliances, linens, electronics.
  • Small: Books and other small, heavy objects
Don't Enlist Help For the Unload
For liability and logistical reasons, we can't let anyone else assist us with taking anything off of the truck (even if you're a limo driver)
Don't Let Your Kids Play on the Truck
While we do take a lot of care to make sure nothing moves while we're on the road, nothing is guaranteed. And once we start unloading, we're constantly rearranging things as we go. Needless to say, the truck is not a safe environment for kids, and we don't want anything to happen to them any more than you do.
Don't Pack Your Pets
We can't transport live animals, so make sure you've arranged some other way to get them to your new place.
...Or Your Live Plants
One word: bugs. They will get in your furniture, mattresse, and anything else they come into contact with, and that is no fun for anyone.
...Or Anything Else We Can't Legally Transport
Which includes: firearms, ammunition, chemicals (including household cleaners), propane tanks, and fireworks. If you're not sure about something, feel free to ask us if we can take it or not, but a good rule of thumb to go by is, "When in doubt, leave it out!"
Don't Lay Glass Flat on the Ground
This might soudn self-explanatory and incredibly obvious, but it cannot be overstated! Instead, prop it up against a wall that's out of the way, and we'll pad it and wrap it before it goes on the truck (and before anyone steps on it!)

Other Services We Offer

Moving out of town? Moving into your first place here in Orlando? In addition to standard moving services, we also offer load-only and unload-only services as well. If you're planning on renting your own truck, we'd be happy to bring a team to your place to do all the heavy lifting (literally).

You bring the truck, and we'll bring the muscle!