Why Choose Kingside?

We Bust Common Moving Myths

Because of the way most moving companies operate, there are a lot of common misconceptions about moving that simply aren't true. At Kingside Moves, we put you first, and disprove most of those myths in the process:

Myth: Furniture should be padded, but doesn't need to be celophane-wrapped
Truth: Unless a piece of furniture is both padded and wrapped, it will inevitably get damaged some time during your move, no matter how much care is taken.
Our Solution: We pad and celophane wrap anything that could potentially sustain damage, especially while on our truck.
Myth: If a moving company hires day-labor movers, as opposed to professional staff, it helps keep your costs down
Truth: Day-labor movers are much less familiar with good moving techniques, resulting in a higher rate of property damage, and a much less efficient workflow, which could actually cost you more in the end.
Our Solution: Our full-time staff are meticulously trained to meet the Kingside Moves standard of quality and customer service, to make sure you and all of your belongings are safely and happliy moved from one place to the next.
Myth: All boxes get loaded first
Truth: Loading all your boxes first is a very inefficient use of space, which can result in multiple back-and-forth trips between your current place and your new place.
Our Solution: As soon as your estimate is complete, we begin planning out how to load your individual set of belongings onto our truck. We alternate between furniture and boxes throughout the entire loading process, in order to utilize every available inch of space.
Myth: Mattresses should be transported in plastic mattress bags
Truth: Mattress bags are designed for storage, not transportation. A mattress in a bag is much more difficult to carry and load properly, and will take much longer.
Our Solution: (we don't wrap, we use straps)
Myth: Removing drawers from your furniture will make it lighter and easier to carry
Truth: Taking the drawers out of your furniture will make it much less sturdy, and less able to support the weight of anything stacked on top of it, increasing the chances it will be damaged during the move.
Our Solution: Leave the drawers in! This makes much less work for you, less work for our movers (which means more dollars in your pocket), and you have furniture that will survive the trip!

We Can Help You Arrange Your Furniture

While we're certainly not Central Florida's premiere interior design firm, we have seen our fare share of nice rooms. Our experience, as well as our committment to excellent customer service, has given us a pretty good idea of how to lay out a room.

“I must admit that Kingside Moves ability to stage an apartment was incredible. The placement of the furniture was perfect and stayed the way you and your team arranged it until we moved out of the temporary apartment.”
— John K.

If you're uncertain about which wall would be the best for your sectional, or what your layout options for your new living room are, we'd be more than happy to lend some advice. Just ask any of our movers, and we'll have your man-cave staged faster than you can say "touchdown"!


Our Damage Rate is Second to None

While most moving companies don't like to share their damage rates with potential customers (go ahead, just ask them), we have no problem telling you ours:

Current Damage Rate: 0.6%

While we do have have the occasional bump or scratch, we will be more than happy to remedy whatever situation may arise. Please let us know about anything that is not to your satisfaction, and we will make it right!


Our Truck Is Just Plain Huge!

When you hire Kingside Moves, you don't just get the best service in town. You also get the biggest truck in town!